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With your new COS Brews account you can Play Games, Search Events, Find New Beers, Explore Active Food Trucks, and More - all exclusively in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas!

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Use Your Navigation and Dashboard to Get Around
Click your avatar (profile image) on any page to access your "Flyout Dashboard".

Additionally access your Primary Dashboard by clicking the Cos Brews logo when logged in.
Be Aware of "Verified" Breweries when exploring
Verified Breweries are indicated with a blue ribbon beside their name.

Verified Breweries are guaranteed with COS Brews to participate in games and promos.
Redeeming Promos & Rewards at Breweries
Promos and Rewards are redeemed with the staff of Verified Breweries - AT THE TIME OF PURCHASE.

Simply Select to "use promo" from the promo's page. A staff member at that brewery will see your request on their device and be able to confirm/deny it.

If approved, any appropriate discounts will be applied to your order by the staff member, while your points and game progress will immediately be awarded.
Exploring Food Trucks
When reviewing Food Trucks on COS Brews remember that the list view shows all participating Food Trucks.

HOWEVER, any Food Truck that appears on the Map and has an address set is actively Operating and "Open for Business".
Setup Your Notifications and Bookmarks
As you explore COS Brews remember that you can easily bookmark any listing by clicking the "Add to Favorites" button on any listing.

Additionally, set and control your notification preferences for new listings and community updates by clicking into the "Notifications" section in your dashboard.
Have Fun & Be Safe!
We are excited to have you as a new member of COS Brews! We work daily to keep the platform fun, safe, and secure. Please report any listings and/or behavior that you feel is inappropriate or negative to your experience on COS Brews.

Please Drink Responsibly in our beautiful town of Colorado Springs and have fun!
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