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Attract New Beer Lovers in COS.

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Track Frequency & Engagement across community to confirm ROI.

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Brewery-Customer Connection

COS Brews is a community loyalty and marketing platform designed exclusively for the local craft beer community in Colorado Springs, CO.

Participating COS-area Breweries can leverage COS Brews’ Local Team and Marketing Platform to dynamically connect with craft beer lovers in Colorado Springs to drive traffic and increase awareness! 

COS Brews provides both boots-on-the-ground marketing services while the platform facilitates customer self-exploration to find new beers, events, and food trucks in COS.

To incentivize further local exploration, we manage community games, cross-promotions, and points – all  to get people out, exploring, and spending locally in this beautiful area and incredible community.

Exclusive, Ad Free Community

The focus of everything we do is to promote and enhance "Craft Beer in Colorado Springs" and every one of our users is here for it! We provide both customers and breweries an exclusively designed digital space to make the COS brewery community work better for everyone! - A Rising Tide Raises All Ships!

Dynamically Drive Traffic

Drive Traffic with Points and Personalized marketing automation! We afford your brewery with the hybrid-experience tools and insight opportunities of big businesses like McDonald's and BJ's Brewhouse.
We manage complex membership systems and directly facilitate outbound marketing (email+sms) to beer lovers in the COS area.

Effectively Measure Traffic

Learn More About Your Customers! They come drink beer with you occasionally, but what other breweries do they frequent - and why? Which events translate to the most check-ins? We make reports available monthly, quarterly, and on request*.
*Custom Report Requests must comply with our Privacy Policy

Food Trucks "Active Now"

Set when Food Trucks* are ACTIVE NOW and COS Brews will let customers know where to go get their favorite combinations of food and brews! This is only triggered if and when a food truck shows up.
*Truck must be registered with COS Brews and available in selection list.

Tourism-Minded Marketing

We emphasize Tourist Engagement through our two week "Tourist Pass". Tourists are encouraged to explore with guided games and double points on promo redemptions.
Tourists that might have visited 2 breweries during their stay, could end up visiting 5+, and when they do we can prove it!

New Customers Can Find You

We make advanced interactive map and database functionality available to the Colorado Springs craft beer community. Chances are you'll see some new faces as customers explore new beer, follow their favorite food truck, attend events, play community games and more!

Fun & Engaging New Ways to Explore

Map Quests get customers exploring and finding new COS breweries. Treasure Hunts allow us to strategically cross-promote with other local COS businesses (hotels, restaurants, etc.). Trivia & Surveys collect valuable customer insights that we report.

Direct Communication to COS Brews Support

All participating breweries are provided access to a direct line of local communication via our dedicated Slack Channel. Request beer updates, access reports, or just chat directly with us and other participating breweries.

Locally Owned, Developed, and Supported

We run COS Brews because we love living here and drinking awesome beer. We take pride in being able to use our talents to contribute back to the same local community we've come to enjoy so much.

Possible & Upcoming Features
Your Direct Feedback Is Much Appreciated!

Exclusive Membership & Offers for Staff

We would like to help with employee retention and overall engagement. We believe a staff-only portal with community-wide incentives would be a great way to help add value to being (and staying) a "brewery staff member" in COS.
*Will require open table discussions, but we have a few ideas to get things started.

Advanced Food Truck Scheduling Portal

Currently our food truck system is primarily based on the concept of "Active Now". We would like to build a scheduling and communication functionality where COS Brews can dynamically assist with the scheduling of Food Trucks and proactively/reactively help fill scheduling vacancies ASAP.

Customer Ride Sharing Incentivization

This is a tricky one, but pretty important, since it will hopefully become a bigger problem with customer traffic and frequency increases. We have the opportunity to integrate with Uber or a similar service/functionality to incentive "ride sharing" during peak times to help keep you parking lots clear and open.

We Help Your COS Brewery Aggressively Compete in Today's Digital World

Join COS Brews

And Let’s Keep it Local in Colarado Springs!


Meet Matt and Learn More

Ask me, Matt Blanchette, to come meet with you personally. I would love to introduce myself and explain/demo the COS Brews platform in more detail to you and your team.


Signup & Claim Your Brewery

Create a free business account, and then claim your Brewery. You can decide whether to offer promos and participate in community games (become a “Verified” brewery) or simply claim your account for direct access to all other benefits and features.


Welcome to the Platform!

We’ll get you quickly setup/trained on the platform, access to the Slack group, print you a unique poster to promote in your brewery, and schedule a time to come film a video spotlight of your unique space & atmosphere.

we aren't afraid of trying new things

The Future of local Community marketing is now!

We believe there is a huge untapped (pun intended) market in Colorado Springs. Let’s do a quick compare and contrast.

This afternoon around 4:30pm, national franchises and their dedicated marketing departments are going to send out personalized dinner recommendations to their national userbase in a hyper-segmented, multi-channel notification blast.

On-the-ground, their restaurant staff will identify and greet these customers by name and immediately recommend what they came in for.

On purchase, these customers will be provided loyalty points and retention offers. This data is tightly integrated back to the company’s national POS and CRM systems. 

Tomorrow, the marketing department will review yesterday evening’s results and effectively tweak and re-appropriate their segments and targeting for today’s upcoming 4:30p blast.

Now think about what you’ll be doing comparatively in that timeframe…

At COS Brews, we believe that every day and night there are customers who would RATHER go to a local COS Brewery if the right suggestion was made to them.

  • Hey, Jeff, an IPA you’ll probably like just came available at Bell Brothers!
  • Yo, Cindy – Don’t forget Trivia, tonight at Metric!
  • Bill! The Food Truck you love is active now at Storybook!
  • Jessica, you have enough points for a BOGO pint at Peaks N. Pines!

These are all personalized customer interests that COS Brews can automate via digital marketing strategies and technology systems.

We truly believe that if everyone engages and participates, COS Brews will help catalyze the collective community of local COS Breweries to a much greater and ongoing customer demand than any singularly well-done franchise model with an aggressive loyalty program could ever achieve independently.

I have created and operate COS Brews because I want to start and show change in a local community I love. I would like to prove that engaged community members are indeed savvy and creative enough to solve their own problems, with their own digital solutions – when given the right support framework and opportunity.

I look forward to working with you! 

– Matt Blanchette

Request a COS Brews DEMO!

Request up to a meeting with our owner and operator, Matt Blanchette. He will come in and walk you through a live demo of COS Brews’ features, concepts, and opportunities while answering any question you may have.

This is a completely free, no-obligation opportunity. Any and all team members are invited. Simply click the button below to send Matt a direct email with a few times you’re available. He’ll get in touch with you promptly!

P.S. Please don’t hesitate to request off-hour meetings. If later in the evening or a weekend works best for you let us know, and we will be happy to accommodate.



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